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Applying the Principles of Psychology to Learning

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Case study 2: The use of Creative Spaces

Posted by ggerrard on March 11, 2010

This video focuses on the use of creative spaces in higher education and the advantages it brings.

Rachel Bartlett psu614

Gemma Gerrard psu64c

Sarah Robinson psu6cb


One Response to “Case study 2: The use of Creative Spaces”

  1. Rachel Bartlett said

    Making this video required all the skills that are neccessary for essay writing as well as new skills required for video making. This project made us think as individuals as well as working as a team to make the finished project. We split the information that needed to be collected, researched and written to make the effort fair. We then collated this information and worked to make the final video. The overall process took a lot more effort than an essay as well a a lot of patience with technology. At the time I did not enjoy sitting in the clusters for hours making the video but looking back I realise that I have learn’t a lot from this process.

    Rachel Bartlett

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