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Applying the Principles of Psychology to Learning

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Case Study Two: Law of Effect/Law of Readiness

Posted by beckyheathbangor on March 14, 2010

This video shows how the law of effect and the law of readiness can be applied in an educational setting to maximize learning.

Katherine Lumley: PSU60F

Rebecca Heath: PSU626

Laura Burizo: PSU60C


One Response to “Case Study Two: Law of Effect/Law of Readiness”

  1. Katherine Lumley said

    Reflective Statement

    When making this video, we learned how to delegate and work together in a team to complete a common goal. Our timekeeping, organizational skills, background research skills, computer skills, and presentation skills benefitted greatly from this assignment.
    There were several barriers however, such as the lack of reliable research available to base our case study on. Additionally, on our first attempt the slides of the powerpoint were not visible as we presented it in a lecture theatre. After reviewing our work we decided that the video would be more effective if we voiced over the powerpoint so that the slides filled the whole screen.

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