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Applying the Principles of Psychology to Learning

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Case Study 2 – Multimedia Learning

Posted by nia1989 on March 16, 2010

Our video focuses on the concept of Multimedia learning in higher education and its success in the learning environment. Evidence of its success is discussed in relation to current psychological principles. These include the Multimedia Principle, Spatial Contiguity Principle, Temporal Contiguity Principle, Coherence Principle, Modality Principle, and The interactivity effect. We go on to discuss how we can improve the current methods of multimedia teaching by incorporating short breaks into lecture times, referred to as spaced learning. We propose to assess students using online methods, as multimedia-based tests will engage context-dependent learning. By enhancing the current methods and applying these principles, we expect students to gain a deeper understanding of lecture content, and will benefit by retaining information for future use. This video was produced by Bethan Williams (psu6d0), Jodie Swift (psu6aa), Katie Gibbins (psu696) and Nia Williams (psu6de).


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