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Applying the Principles of Psychology to Learning

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Learning is enhanced when learners produce answers compared to having them recognize answers. Free recall or essay tests which require the test taker to generate answers with minimal cues produce better learning than multiple choice tests in which the learner only needs to be able to recognize correct answers. In fact, free recall tests produce as much learning as restudying the material.

Case Study 1 – The Generation Effect

Posted by nia1989 on March 16, 2010

Our video demonstrates one of the current methods of assessment at Higher Education level, then goes on to suggest improvements for the curriculum using the Generation Effect, Testing Effect, Negative Suggestion effect and Exam Expectations. Current methods include testing with Multiple Choice Questions in weekly tests based on material covered in the previous lecture. The learning principles we covered demonstrate how our proposed methods of testing can improve learning. This is achieved through scenario based testing building on all previous lecture content. We aim to allow students to gain a deeper understanding of course content and therefore maintain information for future use. This video was produced by Bethan Williams (psu6d0), Jodie Swift (psu6aa), Katie Gibbins (psu696) and Nia Williams (psu6de).


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Rob Laing – Case Study Two – Generative Learning Through Cooperative Problem Solving Groups

Posted by Rob Laing on March 15, 2010

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Case Study 1.

Posted by sarahrobb on March 15, 2010

Sarah Robb PSU623

Emma Horsfall  PSU67C

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