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Applying the Principles of Psychology to Learning

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Archive for the ‘Negative Suggestion Effects’ Category

Just as people learn correct information with frequent testing, they also can learn wrong information this way. For example, when incorrect alternatives on multiple choice tests are presented, the wrong answers can be learned instead of the correct answers. This effect is also found on short answer essay questions when students do not know the answers and use their general knowledge about the field to construct a response that seems reasonable to them. In this situation, learners recall their incorrect, but logically consistent response as being correct. These effects can be reduced when learners receive feedback immediately after taking a test which allows them to revise their memory and understanding without delay.

Case study 1. A Principle of Learning: Negative Suggestion Effect

Posted by han7ban on March 18, 2010

This case study presents the negative suggestion effect, which is one of the principles of learning.

Hannah Elizabeth Simpson psu72b

Marian Andrei Stanciu psu641

Panagiotis Fokas – psu634


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Case Study 1 – The Negative Suggestion Effect

Posted by sarahrobb on March 15, 2010

Simon Docking – psu740
Daniel Savva – psu744

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Negative Suggestions

Posted by nadineaneesa on March 15, 2010

A video on the effects of negitive suggestions.


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Case study 1: Negative Suggestion Effect

Posted by ggerrard on March 11, 2010

This video discusses the negative suggestion effect, how it occurs in the current education system and what can be done to prevent the effect from happening.

Rachel Bartlett psu614

Gemma Gerrard psu64c

Sarah Robinson psu6cb

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