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Spaced schedules of testing (like spaced schedules of studying) produce better long-term retention than a single test. When a single test is administered immediately after learning, students obtain high scores, but long-term retention is reduced with a single immediate test relative to spaced testing. When a test is given immediately after learning has occurred, learners still have the newly-learned information in a primary memory system and therefore obtain high test scores. Both teachers and learners often misjudge their high scores on a test given immediately after learning as evidence of good retention, when, in fact, long-term retention suffers with this practice.

Spacing effects

Posted by psu6d5 on March 16, 2010

Kate Martin psu6a1
Katie Fitton-Davies psu6d5

This is a video highlighing the benificial effects of spaced learning on long-term retention as compared to
massed learning which may not be maintained over long durations.


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